Best Cafes in Bali

Let’s be honest: we can’t go to Bali without being tempted to try all the cafes and eat the super yummy and delicious food this paradise had to offer!
So, a holiday in Bali quickly turns into a fun cafes hopping with a food scene that the rest of the world can only dream of!
I know I’m not alone when I say that I am slightly obsessed with finding new cafes! I love looking for all the exciting healthy/plant based options and trying as many as I possibly can!
And Bali IS THE PLACE for this!

Cashew Tree - Bali

Since many of you often ask me advice on where to eat, and I know that the best recommendations are the ones you hear from another person and not travel guides, I have combined a list of all the best spots in Bali, divided by area (Canggu, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Ubud).

As you know I prefer to keep a diet that is mainly plant based, adding fish when I feel the craving and when I know it’s fresh and well cooked! Among all of the following places I have my favourite of course, starting from the Cafe Organic that is a real paradise for me! Every time I go there I eat, treat, cheat and indulge in all its vegan options - such an amazing feeling when you can order anything off the menu that catches your attention and you know it doesn’t come from animals and it nourishes your body!

Happy café hopping!
In addition, you can find HERE an article I wrote some time ago, dedicate only to Ubud and its vegan options!


Peleton Supershop - @peletonsupershop
Shady Shack - @theshadyshack
Crate Café - @cratecafe
Gypsy - @wearegypsy
The Loft - @cratecafe
Betelnut Café - @betelnutcafe
The Naked Coconut - @thenakedcoconut
Jungle Room Bali - @jungleroombali
Café Vida - @cafe_vida_bali
Café Organic - @cafeorganicbali
Bali Buda - @Balibuda
Nalu Bowls - @nalubowls
GIVE Cafe - @givecafe
Sprout Bali - @sproutbali
Milk and Madu - @milkandmadu
Sprout Bali - @sproutbali


Alchemy Café – @alchemycafe
Nalu Bowls - @nalubowls
KYND Café - @kyndcafe
Shelter cafe - @sheltercafebali
Nook - @nook_bali
Clean canteen - @cleancanteenbali
Quince cafe (North Kuta) - @quince_bali


My favourites in Ubud are listed here -> CLICK

The Elephant - @the_elephant_ubud
Alchemy Café - @alchemycafe
Sari Organic - @sarki_organik
Sayuri Healing food - @sayuri_healing_food
Seeds of life - @seedsoflifebali
Sage café - @sagebali
Clear cafe - @clearcafeubud
Yoga Barn - @theyogabarn
Milk and Madu - @milkandmadu


The Cashew Tree - @thecashewtreecollective - It’s also my fav YOGA spot in the area! Read HERE!
Drifter Café - @drifterbali
Nalu Bowls - @nalubowls
Outside Corner - @outsidecorner
Landsendcafe - @landsendcafe
Bukit - @bukit__cafe Suka
Espresso - @sukaespresso
Muzz Cafe, Yoga and Surf Café - @yogasearcherbali

ENJOY and let me know your favourites once you have tried!!