Budapest Day 4 - Una Domenica In Citt?? -


Eccomi qua per un'ultima giornata (mezza giornata) in questa bellissima capitale ungherese.Essendo domenica vi suggerir?_ alcune cose carine che non si possono vedere durante altri giorni della settimana se non di domenica!

La nostro giro parte da F̦v??m T̩r percorrendo poi V??hm??z K̦r̼t e raggiungendo il Szimpla Kert Pub in Kazinczy Utca. Questo locale, che durante la settimana ̬ adibito a pub in cui poter mangiare e ascoltare musica, durante la domenica diventa un mercato principalmente alimentare e molto particolare! Infatti il suo cortile interno si anima di musicisti, banchetti con specialit?? gastronomiche, contadini che vendono i loro prodotti e vecchie auto scoperchiate che diventano comode panchine in cui mangiare qualcosa o bersi una birra. L'atmosfera che regna ̬ davvero suggestiva e vi consiglio vivamente di farci un salto! Da l?? poi, se proseguite verso Dob Utca troverete il Gozsdu Udvar, ovvero una vietta piena di bar e localini, tutti aperti di domenica, in cui potersi fermare per un caff̬.


Per pranzo abbiamo scelto un ristorante di pesce che mi era stato consigliato e che io consiglio a mia volta perch̩ davvero sublime e offre pesce freschissimo. Si chiama The Big Fish??e si trova nella famosa Andr??ssy Utca di cui vi parlavo in Budapest Day 2!

Super positivo e buono, ovviamente preparatevi a spendere un pochino di pi?_ che per mangiare gulasch!


Dopo pranzo un giro per i bellissimi negozi della via e poi, a malincuore, verso l'aeroporto!


1. Mercatino domenicale al Szimpla Kert Pub 2. Gozsdu Udvar ed i suoi bar 3. The Big Fish, per pranzo o cena 4. Andr??ssy Utca, per shopping di livello e brand internazionali

On my way to the airport...Triste di lasciare questa capitale ma pronta per un'altra avventura! A presto!


Madrid - Vamos A Bailar? -


Of course, I must also write about Madrid’s nightlife; how can I leave out "la movida" and the nightclubs? Where to go dancing in Madrid!?

Always a difficult question with such a vast array of options catering to almost any taste in music. Especially given that most nightclubs are so much fun!

The following is list of the best:


Kapital is among the most famous and iconic nightclubs in madrid. Build on 7 floors, the first three overlook the main dancefloor, above that there is a rock’n’roll floor, followed by a floor playing latin-american music. On the roof, there is a wonderful terrace, perfect for a drink under the stars. On the second floor, there’s even a room for karaoke, and among the many bars, one even dedicated solely to Bacardi. Cover charge is between 10 and 15 euros with one or two cocktails included, depending on the night. The music is quite mainstream, but the choreographed performances, dancers, light shows, and acrobats swinging accross the ceiling are what make it truly special. This is without a doubt, my favorite party destination. Dress to impress, the doormen can be quite picky, and for boys, avoid shorts at all costs!


The Gabana is currently one of the most “in” nightclubs in Madrid. It’s right in the center, in the Salamanca neighborhood. The doormen are very very picky, I suggest making a table reservation or making friends with someone who works there. As a nightclub, it is much smaller than Kapital, but still, you are guaranteed a fantastic night.


This nightclub is definitely a household name, it can easily accommodate 10 thousand people. It is often the venue of choice for very famous DJs. This is the perfect place if you lost electronica, house, and techno. The only catch here: it’s situated a little far from the city center, the best way to get there is by car or taxi.







Joy plays many genres of music and is centrally located on Calle del Arenal, a few steps away from the Opera metro station. Very popular for Erasmus university parties.


Fortuny is a very posh club. It caters to an older clientele than the previous nightclubs mentioned. This is the place to be if you are looking for somewhere to be seen.


Similar to Fortuny, this club is also quite exclusive, enjoy a meal here and then dance the night away.


The Sala Arena, also known as the Sala Marco Aldany, hosts many smaller spaces where DJ’s frequently host concerts. It is located right in Plaza de Espana. There is always something different depending on the night from pop to techno. More often than not, you’ll hear some alternative or punk rock. The Smashing Pumpkins and Lagwagon, among others, have played shows here.

Madrid - A Secret & Colorful Corner -


After having recommended hotels, restaurants, shops, parks, and sights to see in Madrid, I would like to to share one last thing; my favorite corner of Madrid, Plaza de la Cebada. One of the most historic plazas in the city, it is well known for it’s famous covered market. The market takes up nearly the whole plaza! This plaza is in the heart of the Latin quarter, in fact, easily reachable from La Latina station.  Next to the plaza, you’ll find many small bars offering tapas with some wine to wash them down. You’ll also find the famous La Latina theatre- they still host daily shows! While these are all interesting attractions, the reason I love this plaza is completely different. Very few people are aware, but there’s an amazing small courtyard surrounded by some rather dilapidated walls behind the market. At first glance, it might not seem like much, but once inside you’ll see that it is truly fantastic! The walls are full of colors and graffiti art. A band generally plays in a small outdoor amphitheater, adding even more ambiance to the whole scene. Everything is absolutly authentic. There are even some shopfronts that frequently host a wide variety of artists.  Before heading into La Latina Sunday market, stop a while to take some sun on a colorful bench . Between the improvised music and the mix of colors, you can’t help but feel some Spanish Allegria!

Marrakech - Something Special -


Looking for a few ideas outside the box and to beat the crowds at the usual tourist sights?

For those who decide to stay in Marrakesh for more than 4 days, there are some interesting options for spending relaxing days or even trying having a very strong olfactory on to understand.


You can’t leave Marrakesh without having visited a hamman, either in your riad or one of the many spas such as the one in the Les Jardins de la Koutoubia 5 star hotel. This spa is sponsored by Clarins and offers a vast array of treatments. There are no doubts that this is among the cleanest and most hygenic spas in Marrakesh. Relax and let yourself be pampered!


Of course, there’s even a Nikki Beach in Morocco. It is located a little ways out from the center in the Palmeraie area. This beach hot-spot is 15km from the the airport and easily reachable from the Medina in 10-15 minutes by taxi.


As you may have learned, I love to go from one extreme to the other. This experience is not for the faint of heart, and I must warn those of you who have a hard time with strong odors. The tanneries are located on the eastern outskirts of the Medina in order to be in close proximity to the waters of the Oued Issil. Local guides are easily found as they tend to hang out near the tanneries, although, they may not be required. You’ll be struck by the strong smell of the skins, especially the excrement used to soften and lighten them. In fact, The processing and treatment is all very natural...the skins are immersed in pigeon excrement to soften them before proceeding to be colored using natural pigments from saffron and poppies. Once colored, they are put out to dry in the sun.