LADAKH - Must Dos in Leh

Welcome to Leh! This is the first stop of my trip to Ladakh. I took the plane from Delhi and reached this paradise in the morning (Leh airport closes at 11am, take it in mind when planning your holiday!).

Ladakh is a quiet and paradisiac area in the north of India, close to Pakistan and China. It is highly recommended to settle one or two days in Leh before start exploring the area because of the altitude. In fact it's common to experience mountain sickness symptoms such as headache, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, lassitude, irregular breathing... But don't worry, it will be more than fine in the end! :)

Must do's in Leh:

  • Stroll along the Main Bazaar street, where you can find fresh fruit, every kind of nuts, colourful pashmina, the thangka (typical Ladakh woollen hat) and much more.
  • Visit the Tibetan refugee market where you can buy items from Tibet, Nepal and China. I bought a super nice necklace and a series of coloured flags with my favourite mantra written on them.
  • Pop to the Oxygen bar to make your oxygen level measured! In case it's lower than 80/90 they will give you oxygen for 15 mins with a mask :) 
  • Climb the hill behind the Old Town Market to reach Leh Palace. The ticket entrance is 300 INR and in my opinion is not really worthy, it's nice but the view from the nearby monastery is far better!! If you continue the track on the right side of the palace you'll reach Tsemo Gompa. Breathtaking view! Highly recommend during sunset to really feel in paradise :)
  • If you haven't planned the coming days or need a driver or a trekking guide, the city centre is full of local agencies where you can easily (and at a reasonable price!) plan next days. I highly recommend to go Samsara Travels (Mr. Dawa: that I personally used and everything went smooth and it was amazing! There are also many shops selling winter clothes in case you need for the hikes.
  • Go for some yoga and/or mediation to the Mahabodi International Meditation Center in Changspa Road (there are many branches in the area).

Take it easy the first days in order to properly acclimatize and get ready to explore!