Turin At Christmas


Ed eccomi qua a scrivere il primo post sulla mia citt??, Torino.Il contesto ̬ ovviamente quello natalizio, periodo in cui questa magnifica citt?? (e non lo dico solo perch̩ ci vivo :-) ) si riempie di magia grazie alle luci, alle decorazioni, ai mercatini ed agli intrattenimenti che animano le piazze! Negozi, pasticcerie e vetrine si colorano di Natale! Girando semplicemente per la citt??, specialmente dal tardo pomeriggio in poi quando inizia a fare buio, potrete ammirare tutto questo!

Here I am with my first post about my city, Turin. The framework is of course the Christmas period, in which, this amazing city (and it?۪s not just because I live here :-) ) is filled with magic thanks to the lights, the decorations, the markets and the events that animate the squares and streets! Shops, pastry shops and windows are bright and colored! By simply taking a walk around the city, especially from late afternoon onwards, when it starts to get dark, you can see what follows!


Qui di seguito vi segnalo i Mercatini di Natale che potete trovare in citt??!

Mercatino di Natale in Piazza Borgo Dora - Cortile del Maglio Come ogni anno vengono allestiti 146 chalet di espositori italiani e stranieri ed un presepe all?۪interno del cortile! Dal 4 al 23 Dicembre Lun-Ven 12.00/19.00 Sab-Dom 10.00/20.00 Piazza Borgo Dora, Torino

Mercatini Artigianali all?۪ 8 Gallery Troverete diversi prodotti artigianali, fatti a mano utilizzando materiali di ogni genere, dalla stoffa al legno, dal ferro al vetro, dal sapone al sughero. Lun-Ven 11.00/19.00 Sab-Dom 10.00/21.00 Via Nizza 230, Torino

CioccolaT?_ La fiera del cioccolato ̬ pronta anche per quest?۪anno ad addolcire il vostro inverno! Dal 22 Novembre al 1 Dicembre Piazza San Carlo

Mercatino di Natale Le Gru Dal 23 Novembre al 24 Dicembre Lun-Dom 10.00/21.00 Via Crea 10, Grugliasco (TO)

Mercatino di Natale Francese Troverete prodotti francesi come dolci alsaziani, candele, formaggi, champagne, ceramiche??_ e potrete fermarvi a mangiare al banchetto centrale che vende prelibatezze cotte al momento come tartiflette, rougaille, fonduta con patate ect??_ Dal 9 al 24 Dicembre 10.00/19.30 Piazza Solferino

Below I report the Christmas markets that you can find in town!

Christmas Market in Piazza Borgo Dora - Cortile del Maglio Like every year there are 146 chalets of both Italian and foreign exhibitors and a nativity scene in the courtyard! From December 4 to 23 Mon-Fri 12.00 a.m./07.00 p.m. Sat-Sun 10.00 a.m./08.00 p.m. Piazza Borgo Dora , Turin

Handmade Markets at 8 Gallery You will find several craftsman working materials of all kinds, from fabric to wood, from iron to glass, from soap to cork. Mon-Fri 11.00 a.m./07.00 p.m. Sat-Sun 10.00 a.m./09.00 p.m. Via Nizza 230 , Turin

CioccolaT?_ The chocolate fair is ready to sweeten your winter! From the 22nd of November to the 1st of December Piazza San Carlo, Turin

Christmas Markets Le Gru From the 23rd ofNovember to the 24th of December Mon -Sun 10.00 a.m./09.00 p.m. Via Create 10 Grugliasco, Turin

French Christmas Market You will find products such as French-Alsatians sweets, candles , cheese, champagne , ceramics ... and you can also taste something at the central banquet that sells delicacies cooked at the moment as tartiflette, rougaille fondue with potatoes etc... From 9 to 24 December Mon-Sun 10.00 a.m./07.30 p.m. Piazza Solferino, Turin




Marrakech - The Souk & Place Jemaa-el-Fna -


The souks, or suqs, are the typical covered markets that you can find scattered throughout the Medina. They are one of the main attractions of Marrakesh. As soon as you enter, you’ll get lost in the small alleys full of tiny shops, colorful stalls, exotic smells, sounds, and the loud voices of the merchants trying to tout their wares- all sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitors. Remember the golden rule in Marrakesh, NEGOTIATE for EVERYTHING! The market stretches from the Ben Youssef Mosque in the North to the famous Jemaa-el-Fna square in the South. It is organized into areas dedicated to specific goods and activities: leathers, wool, jewelry, produce, lanterns, apparel, dried goods, spices etc.. Take a break afterwards in one of the many terraces to sip on a mint tea and admire the sunset.

Of the souvenirs available I suggest: some small bottles of argan or rose oil, spices (curry, turmeric, etc), the famous black soap used in hammam for a quick scrub or the iconic Morrocan slippers worn by none other than Aladdin.

Jemaa-el-Fna square is the true epicenter of all the chaos that is Marrakesh. During the day, you’ll find snake charmers and stalls selling dentures (yes, you read correctly, dentures), street artists, monkey trainers, henna tattoo artists, horse drawn carts, and vendors selling dates and freshly squeezed orange juice.

By night, the market makes way for stalls serving up fresh local cuisine. It is definitely worth trying at least once! Although there are seemingly an infinite number of stalls, they are all in fact numbered which is helpful to find specific ones. The most famous that I tried was the“Aicha N°1” read here to learn more!

The square is dominated by the Koutubia mosque, the tallest in Marrakesh. A few steps from the mosques is the Cyber Jardin on Avenue Mohammed V, and L’Embsemble Artisanal, a sort of artisans quarter where prices are fixed and there is no bargaining. It seemed a little too touristy for my liking.