Shanghai - Fabric Market, Jing'an Temple & Nanjing Road


If you're in Shanghai you can't miss to go to the South Bund Fabric Market and order some tailor-made dresses! Being a bit disconnected from other popular areas, I recommend you to take a taxi and the address is: 399 Lujiabang Lu, near Nancang Jie. There you can order shirts (choosing materials / buttons / details), coats of wool or cashmere and silk dresses. Obviously, the key word here is always the same: BARGAINING. I leave you the contact of one of these tailors, who made our shirts in less than five days. It is located on the third floor of the building, shop number 371 and he's called Li Guang Ming. If you want to visit another market, there's the flower market in Caojiadu Flower Market, the address is 1148 Changshou Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu.

Our day continues with a visit to Jing'an Temple which in chinese means "temple of peace and tranquility." It is a Buddhist temple located in Nanjing Road. It's really impressive and beautiful! It is built mostly with wood and houses some wonderful statues of Buddha. An example is the big silver statue representing Sakyamuni Buddha sitting on the lotus base in meditation; it's 8.8 meters high and it was made from 15 tons of silver! You will also see the Peace Bell. The lingering sounds created when it is struck can last over 3 minutes.If you want to have a walk, go along Nanjing Road till reaching the Bund. On the way you will find many shops and malls where you can stop for lunch and a little shopping. On the left side, corner with Chengdu Road, you will also see the famous "fake market" of Shanghai! There's every sort of thing at very low prices but of course the quality is poor and do not be surprised if the object you buy breaks or stops working as soon as you exit the market :) 

Continuing along Nanjing Road, the closer you get to the Bund the more you will find chaos, tourists and shops. It's the main shopping street of Shanghai!

After this walk, we end our day resting with an happy hour on the terrace of the Peninsula, near the House of Roosevelt (mentioned in the "Day 1" post)!