Marrakech - Palais de la Bahia & Mellah -


The Palais de la Bahia (Bahia Palace) is, in my opinion, the most interesting palace in Marrakesh. The palace, built in a nouveau riche style, served as the former harem for the visir, housing his 4 wives and numerous concubines. Although there are no longer any furnishings, the opulent decorations and mosaics on the courtyard walls are worth the visit. The palace includes 8 hectares of gardens all interconnected by magnificent fountains. Entry is quite cheap at 10 dirhams, around one euro.

Mellah, the Jewish quarter, is just steps away from the Palais de la Bahia. It’s not hard to see at first glance that this neighborhood is different than the rest. It is the poorest and least touristic area, as evidenced by it’s cleanliness and upkeep compared to Medina. Mellah is, however, famous for its spice market. Here you can find items at considerably lower prices than in the souk. Don’t miss the synagogue and Jewish cemetery!