Madrid - Restaurants & Food -


Some many things to do and we haven’t even made it to the food! I’m sure by now you must be starving. I’ll start with the best place to fill your stomach with some typical Spanish “tapas” in very chic location.

  1. The “Lateral”, arguably the best tapas Madrid has to offer. There are a few locations scattered throughout the city, be sure to find the one closest to you via their website. They are open for lunch and dinner- no excuse not to try at least one time!
    I would suggest you order: the pinchos (a type of Spanish bruschetta with various toppings), patatas bravas, tortilla española, alcachofas fritas con jamon, and las croquetas.
  2. On Calle San Gines, you’ll find the “Pasteleria San Gines”, the most famous place in Madrid for chocolates and churros. No trip to Madrid is complete without trying one of their churros (especially delicious in the early morning after a wild night out). Be careful because churros can be found everywhere, but are generally of poor quality. Never the case at Pasteleria San Gines.
  3. The paella at “La Barraca”. Paella is a touchy subject given that it is a typically Valencia dish and therefore at its best in its place of origin by the sea. “La Baracca” on Calle de la Reina 29- parallel to the Gran Via, is one of the only Paellas I’ve had that is up to scratch. Here you can choose between various sea foods, chicken, Valencia style, or whatever combination you feel like having on that particular day. The restaurant itself is a historic location, don’t expect anything modern or flashy, you are here for their excellent paella after all.
  4. La Pulpería de Victoria”. If you want to sample the famous pulpo a la gallega, head to Calle Victoria 2 (metro Puerta del Sol). Make sure to try very tasty pulpo a feira con cachelos.
  5. Juana la Loca” is a bar in the Latin quarter, one of my favorite areas. Here you can stop in for a quick lunch and try their famous “pinchos” (the most famous being those with the potato tortilla and those with "solomillo", a type of tender meat filet, and those with a quail egg).

The Latin Quarter is no doubt my favorite neighborhood, i’ll be sharing all my suggestions in a dedicated post coming soon!