Happy Things

What makes you happy?
I've decided to list down a few simple things that sometimes we take for granted or we don't give the proper importance to...and that are actually a real source of daily happiness and make us smile inside!


Those are mine...

The smell of the sea.
Walking barefoot on the sand. 
Clean and fresh sheets. 
Cafes that have all-day breakfast.
Great ideas that come to you in the middle of the night.
Old movies, old songs.
Cooking for someone you love.
Feel the sun burning on your skin. 
Passports and the conversations around "how terrible you look in the photo" and "how many stamps you are collecting".
The smell of the rain.
Baking cookies for Christmas.
Swimming naked in the ocean (at midnight even better).
Watching old videos of when you were a kid.
Finding something that you hid ages ago and forgot about it.
Running in the nature.
Listening to my brother's songs.
Playing with the curly hair of my best friend.
Singing loudly under the shower.
Girls moment.
Taking millions of reportage pictures while visiting a new country.
Frozen cheeks and nose during the winter. 
Getting dirty and muddy while hiking in the jungle.
The sound of the waves.
The reflection of the moon on the sea.
Dark chocolate with salt grains.
Laughing until you can't breathe anymore.
Eating fresh fruit straight from the tree. 
Tight hugs from my loved ones.  

What are yours?? Does any of the above make you happy too?
Try to make your list and see what's coming up for you.
I'm curious to know...comment below!