Dambulla & Sigiriya

The first stop of my trip to Sri Lanka is in the North of Kandy, an area called The Cultural Triangle, famous for its ruined palaces, temples and caves. Here I've visited Dambulla's cave temples and Sigiriya's Lion Rock! A great start that foretaste the wonderful nature and sceneries of this simply amazing country.


Dambulla is famous for its five cave temples decorated with amazing murals. They're open from 7.30am to 7pm and it will take you around 45mins / 1 hour to visit them all. The best murals are in cave 3, cave 2 is the biggest and most spectacular and cave 1 hosts a 14-meter long sleeping Buddha. At the bottom of the steps up to the cave temples stands a Golden Temple of Buddha that claims to be the biggest in Asia but actually is not even the biggest in Sri Lanka :)

15km from Dambulla there is Sigiriya, famous for the Lion Rock! I highly recommend you to but the ticket (around 30USD) and climb it till the top! It will take you around 1.5/2 hours to visit the area, climb the Rock and enjoy the breathtaking view! The best times to visit the Rock is either early morning or late afternoon, less tourists and better light! I've done it around 5pm and was perfect. On the summit there once was the Royal Palace, but now only remain the foundations, a square brick platforms overlooking the green hills.

ELLA-HATTON: Wonderful Train Experience

Guys, A DREAM CAME TRUE!! This train was on my travel bucket list and I still can't believe I finally took it! :) 

Ella is one of my favorite villages in Sri Lanka and I highly recommend you to spend at least one night there! A few options of simple hotels but with an amazing view are the followings: Golden view guesthouse, Nine Arch view and Mountain Miracle cottage. The last two are located on a hill facing the famous Nine Arch bridge where you can go to see the old trains passing and take nice photos among a super green nature. 

Once in Ella, try to wake up early to see one of the best sunrise you could have. I'd love it and the view there gave me a sense of peace and calm that filled my heart fully.

Then, after a yummy breakfast overlooking the mountains you can stop at the Nine Arch bridge before heading to the station to take the train. I took the one from Ella to Hatton.

4.30 hours that went really fast, I was completely absorbed by the landscape and everything that was happening at every stop! This experience is a Must-Do... Tickets should be booked in advance because the trains are usually quite full. The "first class" ticket costs 1000 rupiahs that is around 10 USD. 



TOP 15 Things To Do in Sri Lanka

I've recently come back from an AMAZING trip to Sri Lanka! I'm still speechless if I think about all the wonderful things that this country has to offer. In a certain sense it reminded me of Kerala and overall it was a unique experience!
Below you'll find a list of the main things you should do while visiting Sri Lanka and I'm already writing specific posts to go deeper in details and share with you my experience :) 
By the way, the only point listed below that I didn't do is "whale watching"... it's quite common over there but I was afraid it would have been a waste of time and I preferred to do other activities since the time I had was quite limited!
In case you do it, let me know!! :) 

  1. Take the famous train to/from Ella!!!
  2. Do a safari (Uda Walawe or Yala, the first one is less crowded and touristic)
  3. Eat rice and curry
  4. Climb Adam's Peak (NOT during weekends)
  5. Visit the Cultural Triangle
  6. Visit a tea plantation in Kandy or Nuwara Eliya area 
  7. Climb Lion's Rock in Sigiriya
  8. Go in one of the Bawa hotels 
  9. Visit Galle, beautiful old Dutch colony
  10. Enjoy the nature and look for wildlife
  11. Do an Ayurvedic massage 
  12. Surf and relax by the beach on the South of the island (Arugam Bay, Tangalla or Mirissa)
  13. Attend a Kandyan dancing show
  14. Visit the 5 cave temples in Dambulla
  15. Go whale watching

Now you can start planning your next trip! ;)
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